Rayya is an Arabic word meaning “breeze”. As refreshing and everlasting as a gentle breeze, Rayya envisions a rich legacy of wellbeing solutions that transcend time. Rayya Nutri is a part of our holistic wellness brand Rayya Wellness, with which we reimagine rejuvenation and wellbeing. Similar to our other offerings like Rayya Spa, Rayya Kids, Rayya Recreation and Rayya Fitness, through Rayya Nutri we are extending the 360-degree personal rejuvenation to nutrition.

All our products are handcrafted, by our in-house wellness and nutritional coaches, using carefully guarded recipes to invoke the balance of acidity and alkalinity to ensure gut health and overall well-being.

Rayya Nutri’s uniqueness is in the exotic combination of pure ingredients blended to perfection. Our products are meant to awaken the body, energize mind, fuel intentions, inspire and motivate the self, boost the energy and activate self-healing by stimulating metabolism and eliminating the stress and the toxins.