AED  189.00

Made by in-house wellness chefs, these healthy brittles help reduce appetite, improve recovery after an intense workout, boost energy levels and promote overall health.
The set includes 5 types of energy bars:

• All Fit Bar
Date paste, coconut powder, cashew nuts, honey and coconut oil.

Reduces risk of rheumatoid arthritis, provides relief from symptoms of anemia and improves eyesight

• Hazelnut Brittle
Hazelnut powder, date paste, honey, pistachio, coconut powder and coconut oil

Energy booster, helps reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis

• Mixed Fruit Bliss
Coconut powder, goji berries, raisins, cranberries, cashew nuts, pistachios and honey

Reduces stress levels, protects eyes and promotes healthy skin

• Dried Fruit Energy
Cranberries, goji berries, raisins, coconut powder, cashew nuts, honey and coconut oil

Good source of protein, boosts the immune system and improves energy levels

• Pistachio Bliss
Pistachio powder, almonds, coconut powder, cashew nuts, coconut oil and honey

Boosts energy, rich in fiber and great source of vitamin E and several B group vitamins