AED  210.00

The cleansing package for intermediates. The Skilled package is tailored for people, who have graduated from The Beginner and are on the road to a more rigorous cleansing.
Cut the monotony of juicing with our skilled bundle of goodness.



The Skilled package is the bridge between juice cleansing newbies and experts. It fills the gap right between having an idea of juice cleansing but not knowing everything about it. Restart your body with detoxifying and revitalising juices equating to one day of meals.

Why you must not skip The Skilled package?

Instead of shocking your body into cleansing, we advise graduating it slowly into juice cleansing. Slower the process better are the results. The Skilled package is essentially the most intriguing set of juices to help alleviate the monotony of juice cleansing. From appetising flavors to interesting mix of bio-colours, The Skilled package is anything but boring.

What makes The Skilled special?

This bundle of goodness contains five juices – Green Detox, Beta Carotene, Sweet Green, Lemon and Mint, and Spicy and Healthy. Green Detox is a gut-friendly juice with strong antioxidants to cleanse your body of toxin build-up. Rich in Vitamin A, Beta Carotene gives you healthier skin, immunity boost, and improved eyesight. Sweet Green juice contains apple, parsley, spinach, ginger, and cucumber. This is a naturally sweet delicious juice that even kids would gulp down till the last drop.  Lemon and Mint provides the much-needed refreshing tanginess, in addition to detoxifying electrolytes. Spicy and Healthy juice is the cherry on the cake, as it energises your body along with giving a powerful boost to your metabolism. Total calories 1080 on par with one day of meals.

For a list of recommended food items to eat during The Skilled cleansing, please contact us.


  • Energising
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Gentle Detoxification
  • Appetising Taste
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Helps you graduate to expert rigorous cleansing